What if you let your steps guide you to the magic of our landscapes?

On the seafront, or in the mountains, panoramas as varied as spectacular will take you on the paths of calm, where nature will surprise you again and again.

To the sounds of birdsongs, to the smell of the scrub, to the beauty of the sites... Let go...




"The sun made love to the sea so much that they ended up giving birth to Corsica" - Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Dive into our crystal clear waters and discover a new facet of this jewel that is our island.

Sand and reefs, corals and fishes, seaweed and shellfish, the fauna and flora will never cease to come to you under the ripples of the waves.


Horse Riding

Animals can tell you a little bit about our land.

By horse-riding, on the farm, or free-range, Corsica remains a pastoral country where it is good to live of simple and shared pleasures.




Stay at the villa to enjoy the calm, or escape to the end of the world, just 150 meters away.

Go back to the canoe or stand-up paddle (available at the villa) and enjoy the benefits of the sea; a swim, the lapping of the waves, and the taste of salt, as so many sensations in memory of this moment.



From simple local products cooked with love in respect of our traditions, to the great exceptional dishes prepared with delicacy, we know how to reconcile all the elements to fill the taste buds of each of our guests.

By following our wise advice, discovering a gem at the turn of an alley, or even calling on our caterer, know how to bring out the gourmet in you.



Water Sports

Swim or jet-ski, pedalo or catamaran, windsurfing or boat with skipper ...

What if the best choice was to give in to all these ways to succumb to the benefits of a lungful of iodized air?



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So many treasures to bring to light !
Corsica is rich in landscapes, but also history, prehistory, geology, architecture, wildlife with its endemic species... The island from every angle is to be discovered and rediscovered; with family and friends, you will never finish seeing, learning and understanding the wonders of our precious Island of Beauty.